Help now, enjoy later!

Buy a gift card to your favourite local businesses

affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Buy a gift card

Find your favourite local businesses on LocalSpots and purchase a gift card, either directly from them or via our gift cards. If they’re not listed yet, let us know and we’ll get them listed!

2. Help a business

Your favourite LocalSpot withdraws funds from gift card purchases, and uses them to cover fixed costs during the COVID-19 pandemic (rent, employee wages, bills).

3. Redeem later

After 90 days, your gift card is activated and ready to enjoy at your LocalSpot!

Why support local businesses with LocalSpots?

Small businesses are an integral part of our community and economy

There are 4.7 million Australians employed by small businesses every year.

COVID-19 pandemic is devastating Australian small businesses

Lock-downs, restrictions on indoor gatherings and declining customer numbers have left many small businesses struggling to maintain already narrow profit margins.

Gift cards help small businesses cover fixed costs

Pre-purchasing gift cards gives businesses a boost of cash flow to cover fixed costs (think rent, bills and employee wages) until the pandemic is over.

Online gift cards let you help from home

You can purchase LocalSpots gift cards to your local businesses when you’re at home practicing social distancing.

LocalSpots is not-for-profit

100% of the purchased gift card value goes straight to your local businesses. While we do charge a 3% transaction fee to customers, this is used to cover fees charged by our payment processing platform and server hosting to keep our site running!

Gift cards stay valid for 3 years

Your gift card will become active 90 days after purchase and stay valid for 3 years, so you have plenty of time to cash in those coffees. To use, just present your confirmation email or order number at purchase.

We ensure your money goes where it’s supposed to

LocalSpots verifies the local businesses listed on our site using stringent business registration checks. Our team of volunteers actively reaches out to businesses so they can claim their funds as quickly as possible.

All your favourite local businesses on one platform

LocalSpots also lists businesses that have pre-existing gift card systems, so you can find and support all your favourite local businesses from a single searchable directory.

Start helping local businesses now

Jump to our listings page to search for your favourite LocalSpots by name, suburb or postcode. Or else, browse by region!

Get cashflow for your business

If you’re a business owner, claim your listing or list your business by emailing us or hitting the button below.